Men and Mirrors

Growing Up in the Amazon,
Coming of Age in America.
For, while the tale of how we suffer,
and how we are delighted,
and how we may triumph
is never new,
it always must be heard.
There isn't any other tale to tell,
it's the only light we've got in all this darkness.
James Baldwin, Sonny's Blues
When the author was growing up, his father’s Jeep was the only automotive transportation in the village. It served as the emergency taxi, lead float in the annual independence parade, joyride for the kids on a holiday, and the fastest way to escape threats from the jungle in the dry season.
This is the spear an Amazon tribe pointed at him as a six-year-old. You now know he survived, but wait until you read how he survived.
This is a mask of the author’s face. The feathers were part of a headdress from Amazon Indians who almost killed him because his missionary father used him as bait to contact them. Once he takes his mask off, you will not believe his stories—escaped Nazis in his Bolivia house, a spy shot on his door step, separated from his family because his father put missionary work ahead of family. There is something here for everyone.
Josh writes with a lot of sense of humor. His joke about being baptized “down by the river side” is really funny. On the right is Josh with Loretta, from the Beatles song, “Get Back.” She is made from found objects found in New York City.

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Sirtaki, The Dance.

" isolated village life had its routine and boredom, but that all changed when I turned twelve and I was jettisoned from the family to come to the US, alone, scared, and left to figure out how all of this was 'God’s plan' for me.

Zorba le Grec - Sirtaki